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Repurpose a video in 7 different ways

The process of creating a video can be rather time consuming. Repurposing can make it more cost effective. So why ...
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Can we reduce the cost to create educational videos?

There are so many issues that we are presented with when we look at recording educational videos. In the real ...
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Clever use of training package names made to appear more relevant as the entrepreneurship program.

Training packages Performance criteria and outcomes in courses are often dry and don't appeal directly to the general public. An ...
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Ricoshae Moodle Wordpress Interactive Activity JAvascript

More simple interactive content in WordPress (or Moodle)?

Many teachers are left in the cold when it comes to adding interactivity to their online resources. Just upload a ...
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Moodle Activity, HTML5, Chris Richter, Ricoshae

Basic Interactivity in Moodle

Now that Adobe Flash has virtually disappeared, it seems that we don't have so many opportunities to create interactive content ...
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Education, Ricoshae Pty Ltd, Chris Richter

Just a thought….is the internet more credible than teachers?

Question Why do people study online? Why do we use Google? Because we want to find out an answer to a ...
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Mobile Technology, Ricoshae, Chris Richter

Holy crap – did technology just work or am I missing something?

As you know, I started my degree in Education Technology. And you know I am experimenting to see if I ...
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What do you do in the shower? Ricoshase Pty Ltd Chris Richter

This is what I do in the shower… What do you do?

I don't actually want to know what you really do in the shower, but I have been thinking about what ...
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Have you made the biggest mistake in life yet?

FAIL = First Attempt In Learning. I think of myself as a conservative person, not a big risk taker and ...
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Mobile Education - Chris Richter

Completing my Degree on a WHAT, a mobile device? No Way…

Have you ever had this absolutely awesome idea, started down the road of doing it to only discover that it ...
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Ricoshae Pty Ltd Chris Richter

Online Education – A pipe dream or wishful thinking?

I notice from many blogs that the trend of thinking from many educators seems to be that people want to ...
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Rcioshae Pty Ltd Chris Richter

Online Education – What do you think?

Firstly - thank you for reading my posts. It is great to have you along on this journey. To give ...
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