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Holy crap – did technology just work or am I missing something?

As you know, I started my degree in Education Technology. And you know I am experimenting to see if I ...
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What do you do in the shower? Ricoshase Pty Ltd Chris Richter

This is what I do in the shower… What do you do?

I don't actually want to know what you really do in the shower, but I have been thinking about what ...
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Have you made the biggest mistake in life yet?

FAIL = First Attempt In Learning. I think of myself as a conservative person, not a big risk taker and ...
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Mobile Education - Chris Richter

Completing my Degree on a WHAT, a mobile device? No Way…

Have you ever had this absolutely awesome idea, started down the road of doing it to only discover that it ...
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Ricoshae Pty Ltd Chris Richter

Online Education – A pipe dream or wishful thinking?

I notice from many blogs that the trend of thinking from many educators seems to be that people want to ...
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Rcioshae Pty Ltd Chris Richter

Online Education – What do you think?

Firstly - thank you for reading my posts. It is great to have you along on this journey. To give ...
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Large File Transfer – Open Source – Australia & European Universities

The problem You know the problem.  You need to send a file larger than a couple of megabytes to someone ...
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Are we using education technology back to front?

One simple observation: If an educator finds it difficult or time consuming to use a technology to deliver education then ...
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The perfect LMS?

There it was - the perfect LMS (Learning Management System). At first I thought I was dreaming, but then the ...
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