Interactive HTML5 Development

Your valuable content needs to be delivered in an educationally sound and technically accessible format that can be delivered on almost any device. We strive to make your job easier by taking on the role of educational consultant, web developer, graphic designer and instructional designer allowing you to focus on your quality content and assessments. 

We have worked with many organisations over the last 20 years assisting in transferring their paper based content into a digital version ready for online delivery.

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Online education can be very static with documents, web links and videos that users consume as part of their eduction. By adding interactive HTML5, you can provide a way for your students to interact and engage more with the content. As a result you can then provide immediate feedback that will assist in reinforcing their understanding of the course content.

We provide a complete service where we will discuss your needs and create Interactive HTML5 experiences for you or we can provide training so that you can develop these for yourself.

Library Training Self Assessment Quizzes

A client with web based library resources requires a way to ascertain if staff know how to operate their library search platform. By providing a short course with custom designed quizzes and activities, the staff are able to test their knowledge and ability and decide if they need more training. The interactive activities were developed using JavaScript and HTML5 and embedded in the Library learning management system. 

Development technology: HTML, JavaScript.

Frameworks: Bootstrap

TAFE Maths training

A suite of activities were developed to provide fun and engaging maths activities based on the training requirements for Mathematics topics. The activities were developed using JavaScript and HTML. The activities were touch enabled but still had to provide accessible access to the activities using a keyboard. 

The activities covered topics from multiplication, addition, angles and conversions like length, perimeter and weight.

Development technology: HTML, JavaScript.

Frameworks: Pure JavaScript

Accessible tablet based maths activities

A client requested a collection of activities that can be used on mobile and tablet devices. The activities are to be used by multiple users at the same time sitting on opposite sides to each other. 

Interactive maths, card games, number and colour based activities were developed along with the ability to control them by touch or mouse.

Development technology: HTML, JavaScript.

Frameworks: JQuery, JQueryTouch

Apparel merchandising

A completely self contained course was developed to allow students to learn about merchandising. Specifically how to display and sort clothing. 

A key component of this product was to allow both mouse and keyboard control for the activities. The activities included drag and drop, re-order and sorting clothing into sizes, colours and display areas. 

You can test drive the resource below:

Development technology: HTML, JavaScript

Frameworks: JQuery

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