Ricoshae JS

Ricoshae JS is an activities plugin for Moodle.

The activities that can be created in Moodle are best described in this demo below.

By learning basic JavaScript you can create your own self assessment actiities in Moodle to help students understand concepts, memories ideas, learn how things work and visualise specific processes.

A free course on how to use Ricoshae JS is available from https://ricoshae.teachable.com/p/create-interactive-moodle-activities

Free Course : Create basic interactive activities in Moodle using JavaScript


There are so many things you can create with JavaScript to enhance course content.

Nearly anything you can dream of can be created using JavaScript and using the HTML5 Canvas.

Think of ideas, then start creating them using the Ricoshae JS Plugin.

If you need help with the plugin or to create activities, please contact Chris @ Ricoshae.com.au

The Ricoshae JS Plugin is available on GitHub.