Training packages

Performance criteria and outcomes in courses are often dry and don’t appeal directly to the general public. An assessment specialist would get all excited, but the average student needs something a little different. Training package names are not really designed for promotional reasons. 

How do you encourage students to want to study a subject and still make it fit into outcomes, TP’s, qualifications?

I found an example of standard learning outcomes that have been made relevant.

Check out BSchool.
Note: Their site is currently not available. I will update as soon as it is live again.

This clever organisation has positioned their courses in a way that makes complete sense to their target audience.

Compare the new unit names to the registered unit names.


Otherwise know as the Diploma of Business (BSB50215)

This is an awesome example of how to bridge the gap between education speak and the industry that a student would be working in.

Check out the subject names and then the related unit name and number as well as the credentials of the instructors.

Have you found any other RTO’s using a similar technique to connect with their students?