Sometimes you have a collection of pages or a topic from another course that you would like to have in a new course.

Your options are:

  1. Manually copy and paste the content over from one course to another including moving any content or files over that are part of the content you need.
  2. Use the import tool in a course to select and copy the content or activity from one course to another.

Option 2 saves any copying and paste errors as well as allows you to add the content quickly knowing that all extra files or content that is part of a page or activity is moved into the new course in one go.

To do this, go to your current course.

Select the edit course menu where the option to import is located.

In the import screen, search and select the course you would like to import content from.

You will need to choose the appropriate settings. 

If you are just importing content and activities, then you just need to select only the first option. 

You can now go through and select content in either sections or individually that you would like to transfer to your current course.

In this case, I selected Topic 1 and Assignment 1. Notice I removed the ticks beside the other activities and content. 

Also notice that Quiz is locked. This is because we did not make the questions available in the previous settings screen.  

After selecting next, you will see a screen with a summary of what will be imported. Check to make sure you have selected the correct content or activities. Then select Perform Import once you are ready to import the content and activities.

The content and activities you select will then be copied into your course.

Warning: Always be careful to make sure you are copying over the correct content and activities and always backup your courses before making any changes like this. 

I hope you find this useful and would love to hear what discoveries you have made in Moodle that have been extremely useful to you. 


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