In Moodle there is a dropdown menu on the right that allows you to check your profile, grades, messages and preferences as well as the log out button.

As an administrator, it is possible to add extra items to this menu that can link to your own external websites or URL’s or to pages in Moodle.

To modify the dropdown menu you will need to be an Administrator and go to: Site administration > Appearance > Theme settings

In the theme settings, scroll down to User menu items.

It will look like this.

To add a new item you will need to use the format language string name, component name or plain text name|URL|icon or link to icon and it must be on it’s own line with no spaces.

1) a string in “langstringname, componentname” form or as plain text,
2) a URL, and
3) an icon either as a pix icon (in the folder pix with the structure [subfoldername]/[iconname], e.g. i/publish) or as a URL.

Dividers can be created by adding a line of one or more # characters where desired.

For example, if I was to create a menu item to the Ricoshae website I could use.


Note: The ### creates a divider line above and below the Ricoshae link.
Note: There are no spaces in the text. Spaces tend to cause issues.

If you wanted to create a menu link to My Private Files.


It would look like this in the dropdown menu.

If you are wondering which icons you can use, here is a guide with a list of icons. Use i/icon or t/icon depending on the category it belongs to.

Icons you can use in Moodle. 

Official documentation is available here: 

I hope this helps add a bit more control over your Moodle navigation.

Let me know if you have any of your own ideas about improving the Moodle navigation.


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