Generico is a templating plugin for Moodle with amazing features that is a must use plugin for Moodle.

This is part of a course
The Ultimate Guide to content creation in Moodle

In this course you will learn how to add the various content components to the Moodle Learning Management System. You will learn how to make the content more responsive so that it is viewable on mobile devices, tablets and desktop devices.

You will also learn how to make templates and use HTML and CSS to quickly make changes to your content and make it much easier to manage and create quality looking and highly functional content.

You will learn a lot about HTML and CSS, maybe some JavaScript and even more about how you can use Moodle to create and manage content in a much more efficient manner.

You will very quickly get used to using basic HTML code.

This course does assume that you have administrator access to Moodle or at least access to an administrator that can install a plugin, templates and create courses for you.

Now many Moodle themes are designed to be more responsive but sometimes the content that is created inside Moodle is far from responsive and suffers mainly because content developers are not taught the different ways they can develop content for Moodle.

During the course you will discover tips and hints to create better content and how you can add interactivity to your content.

In the course we will cover the following topics.
-Creating a course
-Creating a navigation structure
-Importing content from Word or Google Docs
-Cleaning HTML
-Using Font Awesome
-Using Bootstrap to create responsive content
-Installing and using a plugin called Generico to create templates
-Adding responsive template driven videos
-Adding responsive images and figures
-Adding Custom CSS to a course without using a separate child theme