Welcome to Basic Interactive Activities in Moodle using Javascript with Ricoshae Interactive

  • Interactive content in many online education platforms seemed to vanish when flash lost its hold on the internet
  • HTML5 was going to take over but it seems to have been a long road to something even close to what Flash could do
  • Are we able to reproduce the same experiences?
    Yes and no – it seems that we should able able to, but the solution is far from ‘the same’ as what flash could do. Why – because we no longer have one container, it used to be flash to deliver content, now it is different web browsers and each browser has to support the same functions for things to work across all browsers.
  • Are there issues?
    • mobile devices
    • accessibility
    • browsers
    • different versions of Moodle
    • Different Moodle themes
  • What about Moodle?
    • Moodle already has javascript
    • Moodle 3.x has JQuery and JQuery UI built in
    • We need to learn some basic JavaScript

How to add basic interactive activities to Moodle 3.x.


You can create your own activities by learning basic JavaScript.

How to add basic interactive activities to Moodle 3.x. You can create your own activites by learning basic JavaScript.

Make your own interactive activities in Moodle using a free open source component that allows you to experiment and create javascript based activities.

Now that flash has gone and adding interactivity is either expensive or difficult to add to Moodle. This course demonstrates how you could create your own activities with basic JavaScript skills.