Firstly – thank you for reading my posts. It is great to have you along on this journey.

To give you a bit of the back story.

I was approached by some teachers, at an online education technology workshop I was running, to develop a new online education platform.To me this seemed a bit extreme but then I discovered what some of the issue were that they have to deal with as part of the online teaching process and I realised that there was a lot more to this.

Now I’m not too keen on creating a whole new learning platform just yet, (I’ve already done that once before) so I decided that it would be a great benefit to research more of the issues that online educators have when developing content and using online education technology.

As a result I am in the process of writing a book to help teachers and developers of online education technologies to improve the skills and explore innovation in online education.

To get things started I thought it was best to ask you what the issues are and what the success stories are.

I have four questions that would be fantastic if you could answer one or even all of the questions.

  1. What are the three biggest issues you experience with online education and delivery?
  2. What would need to change to improve online education?
  3. What has been the most successful example of online delivery that you have seen or have been a part of, and why do you think it was successful?
  4. What are the top three technologies you use for online education (products/sites/apps that you can’t do without)?

Feel free to post here or if you prefer to keep your responses private, please submit your response at Alternatively send a message on Linkedin as it would be great to hear your opinion and your stories around online education technology.

Thank you so much, and I will keep you informed as I go deeper into this online education innovation journey.

Thank you,
Chris Richter