The process of creating a video can be rather time consuming. Repurposing can make it more cost effective.

So why not make the most of this repurposing opportunity?

What if we recorded a video then delivered additional materials created from the one initial piece of digital media?

Creating a media package that could be used in many more scenarios and with a lot less effort than creating each resource without the original video.

There are 7 key formats that you can repurpose your video to make the video production effort more cost effective.

Video into multiple products

  1. Youtube/Vimeo video (the master)
  2. Audio – podcast
  3. Transcript
  4. E-book
  5. Blog article as a summary
  6. Pillar post as an extended version of the video
  7. Infographics

How do we do this?

Repurposing Video


Export only the audio from the video. This can be done from your video editing program. This is one of the easiest ways to repurposing a video.


Find someone that will write out the transcript or enlist the services of someone on a site like Fiverr.


Using the transcript, create a formatted e-book of the video. Using images from the original video or using stock photos, and diagrams that could be created specifically for the e-book.

Blog article

Take a summary from the transcript and re-word as a blog article with additional references, videos and other relevant materials.

Pillar post

Combine the transcript and additional text and references to create a pillar post based on the original video.


Using the original video and it’s key concepts, create an info-graphic, that can be a supporting image for the original video or for any of the other resources created from the original video.