There it was – the perfect LMS (Learning Management System).

At first I thought I was dreaming, but then the sun reflected off the corner of the browser and I knew I had found the perfect solution. Not only did it work in all browsers, including mobile devices, but it looked sexy and just seemed nearly perfect.

Tentatively I checked that it embedded video and allowed me to import SCORM objects seamlessly. Great, and users can login with any of their social media accounts. Now what about the student tests, assessment management and file uploading. All perfect so far.

I can check on all the activities students have completed, how long they view a video and if they completed watching it. Even lets me compare multiple students across multiple groups doing the same unit.

Enough of that, does it pass audit requirements? Can I pull out the required information when I am being questioned about the processes and management of the course content and prove that the assessments are valid?

Oh look, it has a pretty button that automatically marks the students written work….

But how many people will it take to manage this LMS, and what are the server requirements?

That shiny glint on the corner of my browser seems to have slightly faded.

OK, I’ll admit it, there is no ‘perfect’ LMS.

But if we look honestly, is there a perfect teacher, is there a perfect student, is there a perfect anything? Not really.

But what we do have is some amazing and creative people that come up with ideas, solutions and creative ways of developing and programming technology.

My challenge for people that are looking for the perfect LMS or the perfect way to teach online is to talk to the creative developers about what you really want and how you want things to work. These developers are obsessed with creating technology that will work for you and solve the issues that you have delivering your online courses.

When you find yourself saying ‘I wish that…’ or ‘why doesn’t it do this’? Then you are asking the right question, now find one of those obsessed web technologists that love to solve these problems.

Not only could they save you time, energy, stress and money but they could bring back that glint in the corner of your browser.

And all will be well again in your LMS world.

Chris Richter

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Chris Richter is an online education technology expert. Chris has over 20 years experience developing online content and online applications for the education sector in Australia and Europe. Chris specialises in online interactive educational development and is a speaker at education technology conferences.