I don’t actually want to know what you really do in the shower, but I have been thinking about what I do in the shower.

I have some theories

I solve problems when I’m in the shower. If I have this frustrating technical web programming problem, I have a shower. My theory is that the hot water that causes the sudden change in body temperature stimulates your brain and makes your mind work harder, or smarter and suddenly the solution or part of the solution is obvious.

Now I’ve also noticed that the acoustics in a shower are brilliant, so no matter what you say it sounds great in the shower. So if you have this idea, but you’re not sure if it is really a good idea or not, say it in the shower. The idea will sound heaps better.

Another benefit of the shower is that it gives you some alone time. If you live in a house like I do where at one stage we had six people there as well as six mobile phones, three laptops, an iMac, three ipods and an iPad as well as a television. You can see how the shower removes all twenty one distractions from you. It’s your time to let your mind think without consuming more information. It’s your quiet time.

Having a show is like washing away all the problems and starting new and fresh. If you are frustrated about things, take a shower, you feel so much better and more aware of what is really going on. You can either count to ten or take a shower. I am 100% convinced that the shower is 100% more effective than just counting. If you want, count to ten while you are in the shower.

I have also noticed that if you have an idea, then stay in the shower long enough, you start to think of reasons why the idea might not work. So it’s your choice as to how long you stay in there. But, let’s save water and not over-think things too much.

The benefits of water – You usually can’t write anything down just because you are in the shower. I know there are things that let you write in water but by the time you are out of the shower, dry and dressed, you will only remember the most important things that you were thinking about. Write those down. Anything that you thought about that wasn’t important is forgotten. You can now concentrate on the most important aspects of what you were thinking.

For those that need some inspiration http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/bathroom-shower-ideas-gorgeous-steel-framed-enclosures-238909

A final observation about the shower.

The idea of a shower is to wash yourself.